“History is certainly repeating itself!”

P1 came home from school today with a tale that brought back many memories of my own school days. She told me that a boy from year 2 was picking her up in the playground and she didn’t like it.


History is certainly repeating itself! P1 is a tiny dot just like her Mummy and therefore I knew I had to be prepared for bullying. However, I didn’t expect it to start this early into her school career. Back in Essex, back at her nursery, all the children had grown up with her. They all knew she was small and respected that.


This boy on the playground isn’t even in her year! I have to thank the school really as they picked up on it very quickly. Apparently, a girl had to save her from him and take her back to the reception class. My heart clenched when she told me. I really hope this doesn’t happen again to my absolutely perfect daughter.

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