Holiday Mode

Today has been such a busy day! We’ve been busy preparing to go to New Wine.

The majority of our evening has been spent packing, but this afternoon we managed to visit family.

The girls also had their ears pierced today – I’m prepared for all the negative comments regarding this. P1 had her ears pierced when she was about 4months old, but her “biological” dads mum used to take them out and claim that she’d pulled them out. So unfortunately they’d closed up.

My OH and I had agreed to get P2s ears done when she was young, so she wouldn’t remember the pain like I remember. P1 decided she wanted them too, and she will remember it. Both of them cried their eyes out and it was horrible to watch, but P1 is over the moon and P2 doesn’t even realise. Plus they have matching earrings that P1 chose for them both.

My blog will probably be a little lacking this week due to holiday!!!! Now I best get some sleeps in as we are up in four hours.
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20130726-103451 PM.jpg

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  1. I just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the Shine On blog award. You can view where your name is listed here:
    This is basically a cool way to encourage other bloggers and get your name out there.

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      Oh great. Thank you. I’m on holiday at the moment and suffering with Internet withdrawals.(it’s limited) ill take a look when home.

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