Holiday Snaps

So we are home, unpacked and back to reality. Both girls and me are having major holiday withdrawals. P1 is struggling to find anything that amuses her, and P2 is rather down in the dumps.

Here’s some of our holiday highlights:

Our accommodation20130803-035107 PM.jpg
All that fresh air has wore them both out20130803-035802 PM.jpg

20130803-035828 PM.jpg
Trip to Longleat Safari

20130803-040103 PM.jpg

20130803-040118 PM.jpg

20130803-040148 PM.jpg
Rainy stormy weather

20130803-040348 PM.jpg

20130803-040401 PM.jpg
Cheddar Gorge day trip

20130803-040518 PM.jpg

20130803-040532 PM.jpg

20130803-040545 PM.jpg

20130803-040556 PM.jpg
Family fun time

20130803-040632 PM.jpg

20130803-040644 PM.jpg

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