Hollyoaks Upset

I was getting rather frustrated with a Hollyoaks story line. I know… It’s only a soap.

If anyone watches it, you’ll all know about the Sinead O’Connor storyline. She fell pregnant with Rhys Ashworth’s baby, and has now given her baby to her step-mother.

The whole storyline has frustrated me. I hate how Hollyoaks is making young mothers look like cop outs. I completely understand that some parents do give up their babies and they have valid reasons for this. I respect that. Don’t get me wrong. But I think young parents get enough stick, we don’t need added media attention on the bad parts.

Like Eastenders for example, they make young parents look tough, responsible and amazing with their Lola/Lexi storyline.

I been watching, pleading with the screen for Sinead to pick her baby up and take responsibility, for what seems like forever. Then when she did on Monday… I nearly jumped for joy. My OH thinks I’m crazy.

Then last night, when she told her step-mother that she was taking her baby back I put my hands to the sky and cheered. I just hope that she really proves to everyone that anyone can be a good parent.

Sorry everyone for being a right sap and posting about a soap!

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