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I really enjoyed growing up and helping my Grandad in his garden. My Grandad is a real green fingers. He has and always has had a beautiful, well kept garden and he also had an allotment up until my Nan got really ill. I spent a lot of time with him both in his garden and up the allotment. But I can’t say I learnt too much if I’m honest.

I’ve never had a garden of my own that I can enjoy. A lawn to cut, trees to prune and flowers to water. To be honest the idea of that is actually pretty scary. My daughters love being outside. I would love to be able to open the door and for them to roam in and out as they please no matter what the weather. A little sandpit, their own vegetable patch and pretty flowers to grow.

herb growing kit

We’ve been doing some home growing despite having no garden. We have a little outdoor space that we are gradually taking over and making our own here and there. P1 has been growing a couple of runner bean plants that have just started to bloom with flowers. We have also been sent a lovely herb kit from Spalding Bulb that doesn’t need a garden to grow. No special greenhouse that my Grandad made himself to keep his herbs in.

The instructions were illustrations with no words though. The kit includes everything you need; soil, seeds, containers and lids to grow the herbs in. There are 6 herbs; Thyme, Chives, Dille, Coriandre, Parsley and Basil. It was so easy to do and actually quite therapeutic. I decided to plant the seeds whilst the girls were out with their Nannie but they’ve been helping me water them each day.

herb growing

It’s actually a really lovely feeling seeing the herbs grow bit by bit each day. I was always really upset that I wouldn’t be able to do the normal gardening things that help to enrich children’s learning. P1 loves this sort of thing. I’m really looking forward to being able to use home grown produce in my cooking too. With the kit I don’t need to have a garden or any outdoor space. They’re living and thriving on my kitchen window sill where I can watch and feel proud as they grow.

The kit costs just £6.99 which is really really good.

This post is in collaboration with Spalding Bulb

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