“Honestly, I am a responsible adult 99.9% of the time!”

It was my hen night last night. This post will probably taint everyone’s opinions of me a little. Honestly, I am a responsible adult 99.9% of the time!

It had been suddenly arranged due to a conversation I’d had during my hair trial with my new two friends A1 & A2. A1 is my OHs best friends girlfriend and A2 is her best friend. I’ve grown quite close to them the past few weeks and they were both shocked to know I hadn’t got a hen night arranged because I felt I have no friends.

It was all a surprise. It started with a lesson in cocktail making at the Slug & Lettuce. We had food there and a few drinks. I haven’t really had any proper drinking since before I was pregnant, about 16/17months, so I was feeling the alcohol after my first glass of bubbly.
20130922-042824 pm.jpg

20130922-042842 pm.jpg

20130922-042853 pm.jpg

20130922-042903 pm.jpgFrom then the night wasn’t so innocent. We went clubbing, two different clubs, with an inflatable man, willies on straws, L plates and bride-to-be/hen party sash’s.

I had a truly fantastic night and drunk far too much really. My stomach is a little fragile today and I’m absolutely shattered. But my OH survived his babysitting duties. I apparently have a bit of mess to clear tonight when I get home but that can wait until Tuesday!

Here’s some of our photos….

20130922-043317 pm.jpg

20130922-043332 pm.jpg

20130922-043356 pm.jpg

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