Honesty – The Best Policy

Honesty is the best policy… I don’t cope very well in the evenings if I haven’t napped at least once during the day. To top it off I’m having more energy during the day and struggle to fall asleep for the nap I need to carry me through the evenings!

Last night was another bad night – not entirely P2s fault. My hormones are definitely still all over the place and once again they got the better of me by the evening.

I attempted to start getting her used to laying in her Moses basket from about 6pm but P2 was having none of it. She wanted boobie and she wanted it there and then. I managed to sneak away for 10minutes to put P1 to bed. But then it was back to being the milk machine – at each interval I put her back in her Moses which lasted about 5-10minutes. Eventually, at 2am Miss P2 fell asleep in her Moses basket and luckily we didn’t hear a peep from her until 5am. So technically she only woke once.

I never imagined breastfeeding to be this draining. There’s no getting away from it – if I’m not feeding I’m leaking. Her feeds are so irregular so I can never be far away.

On top of these cluster feeds – we are dealing with a very windy baby. Which I think is half the reason she won’t settle. No matter how long I wind her for I just cannot get all of it up. I can tell she’s so uncomfortable.

Despite the struggles the past few nights and the temptation to express my milk and hand the baby to my OH – I’m loving breastfeeding. I love the bond, the closeness and the way P2 depends on me.

Today I’m meant to be tidying the bedroom. It’s got completely our of hand as I haven’t had the energy or motivation to tackle it. The last time I did a serious tidy up was the day before I had P2! Far too long when you have been receiving gifts that needs locating in a room with little storage (I’m grateful for every gift by the way)

Instead, I’ve decided to spend all this week tidying so will be doing little and often. Mainly because P2 is quite settled today so I’m enjoying the peace whilst she sleeps and isn’t demanding boobie therefore I’ll need to save my energy for tonights antics.

Off I go to sort rubbish and clothes out… Anyone got any tips for a breastfed windy 19day old baby?

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  1. Greetings! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say I truly
    enjoy reading through your posts. Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums that cover the same topics?
    Appreciate it!

  2. We’re in Canada and use a probiotic called bio-gaia. Also clockwise tummy rubs and bicycle legs! But also my midwife said it might be something in my diet making her gassy, so I’ve tried to cut out dairy, apparently the most common baby allergen. Cute baby btw!

  3. lifeloveandlivingwithboys

    Cluster feeding can be so difficult and frustrating at times. The way I dealt with it is to just expect it. Try not to have anything planned after teatime except feed. Change your expectations and you might find it easier to cope with. You could try a sling or wrap in the evenings to help with her wind. Try keeping her upright as much as possible and if you have a local breastfeeding support group, they might be able to help you tweak her latch to see if she can feed a little more effectively and not take in so much air. As Victoria has already said, cranial osteopaths or chiropracters can help. I’ve read before now that gently picking baby up off the bed by their feet so they are upside down for a few seconds at a time can release some of the pressure they can sometimes get in their backs and necks.

    Hope she stops with the cluster feeding soon (until her next growth spurt at least πŸ˜‰ ) You are doing brilliantly, you should be very proud of yourself and your gorgeous baby x

    • I haven’t joined my breastfeeding group I’m beginning to think I should.

      • lifeloveandlivingwithboys

        Yes! get yourself down there. I am sadly leaving mine this week to start a job but I’ve been going for pretty much 3 years and I’ve loved meeting ‘Mum’ friends and now go as a Peer Supporter. It was just to get me out of the house at first when my oldest was born but I loved going every week πŸ™‚

  4. My baby girl developed reflux and colic very early on. She spent the first 2 weeks at home screaming from tummy cramps every night. It was exhausting! We took her to a baby chiropractor to release the tension in her back and neck, and put her on 3 homeopathic remedies. All of these are safe and natural for newborns! Try tissue salts Nat Phos and Mag Phos. Also Magen drops if u have them available where you live (I’m from South Africa). They all work amazingly! Our baby girl is 5 weeks old now and we’re all managing to get 5 to 6 hour sleep stretches at night. She also doesn’t scream in pain anymore!

    Kind regards,

    Victoria Modise
    076 652 3693

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