Hormones & Thumb Sucking

I had the most uncomfortable night sleep so far! I seriously thought I was going to go into labour. Today I feel very achey and very sleepy.

My OH has been a complete rock! When I was crying my eyes out last night – he just held me close in his arms and reassured me that everything would be ok. Things just got on top of me a little last night. Silly hormones. I wasn’t even sure why I was crying to start with.

P1 has been an absolute joy to be around recently. I mean she’s always a joy… But she’s really grown up the past few weeks. Maybe it’s just that I’m spending more time with her so I’m noticing the amazing things she does.

I noticed one thing yesterday during our little snuggle for nap time. She was sucking her thumb. It was so adorable! She’s never sucked her thumb before. She’s always had a thing about twiddling her hair to comfort her and thinking about it – she hasn’t done that for a very long time!!!

Although I’m hoping P1 doesn’t make a habit of the thumb sucking. It’s not a very pretty habit to obtain.

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