Hospital Admittance – Again!

Following my perfect night sleep came a dreadful day.

I was happy and motivated and began work on my business spreadsheets. A few minutes later I had little white dots which spread across my vision to prevent me from looking at things properly. This was an indication of my migraines I used to have when on the full contraceptive pill. (Due to breastfeeding I’m only on the mini pill and have been on it a month now with no problems.)

I then took a lie down and two paracetamols. I then experienced a very powerful, sudden headache. It made me sick so I tried to take a nap but woke up with my right hand and right side of my face completely numb. Scary!

I cried and rang NHS Direct. Who talked me through some questions and made an appointment for 12:50 at the hospital. My OH took P1 to her swimming lesson whilst my mum looked after P2 and me. I was sick several times before leaving, when we arrived in the car park but hands, arms, legs and feet completely went numb. Mum rushed in to get some help, when she came back my arms and legs had got worse and had cramped and I couldn’t move them at all.

Mum went rushing back inside and came out with a paramedic who immediately said I was having a panic attack and to breathe slowly. They managed to get me in a paramedic wheelchair and into the Out Of Hours Doctors where I had my appointment. I experienced many more panic attacks and was sick several more times whilst in there. My OH joined us and I managed to give P2 a very small feed but just couldn’t cope with her wriggling about on me.

My mum took her home and the Doctor had me transferred into A&E. I could barely keep my eyes open from pain and I kept being sick, to the point that I was just bringing up my stomach acid. Eventually the nurse saw me, took my OBs and then had me wait back in the very noisy waiting room. I was then seen by another person who took an ECG on my heart.

I kept asking to be given a breastpump, it had been at least 5 hours since I gave P2 a proper feed plus I hadn’t managed to eat or drink the whole day. I was terrified I’d stop supplying, and worried that P2 would run out of the two 5oz bottles she had at home with my mum.

Eventually, I was admitted onto AMU and had bloods taken, questions asked and a cannula put in.
20130721-102924 AM.jpg
I was told that because it was such a sudden headache that it could indicate a bleed in the brain. So they put some drops in my eyes with made my pupils ginormous and looked behind my eyes for any pressure. Luckily, they were pretty certain I was ok and that I’d just had a very bad migraine, caused by the heat and the contraceptive pill I am on.
20130721-103221 AM.jpg
My mum brought up my breast pump, where I managed to express a full 5oz bottle for her to take home for P2 until I got discharged.

I couldn’t fault the care of the hospital. I was seen and put in front of people in A&E very quickly. Whilst on the ward I nearly always had a nurse or doctor with me. The only thing that frustrated me was their lack of understanding and help towards my breastfeeding needs. Through the whole ordeal I was fixed on the worry of P2s needs.

I was only discharged on the basis that my family looked after me, the hospital really wanted me to stay overnight for observation, but I just couldn’t do that. P2 needed me and I desperately needed her. Yesterday was the longest I’ve ever spent without her and it was awful!! This morning I’m still feeling a bit weak and I have a slight headache still. I need to keep up with fluids and eat lots.

I seem to attract drama!!

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  1. oh dear! i’m just catching up on all this now (talk about slow) hope you are better now! i see you’re holidaying already!!

    take good care of yourself! lovely earrings on P1 and P2!

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      I’m trying to look after myself. Easier said than done with two children and my OH to look after 🙂 hope all is well with you?

  2. Oh my goodness, sounds terrible, how scary, poor you! Hope you’re feeling much better now xx

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      Feeling rather weak today. I’m getting there. Thank you. Where have you been in the blogging world recently??

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