Hospital Admittance

Currently posting from a hospital bed.

I’ve been experiencing frequent painful period pains coming and going accompanied with belly tightenings since 11:30ish this morning. Came to the hospital who checked my cervix – shut for business and took a swab for premature labour. Basically told me that I’d be going home.

They tested and unfortunately it came back positive. So here I am… Admitted again. With my track record they are being very cautious. They haven’t said I’m in labour or about to or just having random pains. I’ve been given an antibiotic as my urine shows some sign of an infection… Again!

My OH has been told to go home as visiting is now over. Just like before when I got admitted I’ve become all emotional about him leaving. No matter how many arguments or annoying things he does – he’s still the love of my life and spending the night without him again is going to kill me!

I desperately just want the pains to either go away… Or progress! And I desperately want my man back here by my side supporting me. I feel so alone in a private room with ensuite in a ward full of mums and their beautiful new born babies!!!!!!!

complete torture :'(

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  1. Good luck with everything, being in the hospital can be so stressful. I was in for one morning for testing related to high blood pressure, and that felt like more than enough. I went home exhausted. Hope you have some good supports around you; don’t be afraid to ask for help! <3

  2. Oh wow just seen this on Google+ – fingers crossed for you and hope baby arrives swiftly!

  3. Sorry you’re feeling bad!!! I will tell you that I had those pains with our girl at 33 (?) weeks and I had the infection in my urine too. The told me I had a UTI and that it was causing me to have contractions! I never knew that was how it could work!

  4. I went through the exact same thing with my 2nd son, I was hospitalized 3 times for a week each time! I really hope you either get the pains to stop, or that baby makes it’s way out into the world soon!

  5. Suzanne Whitton (@3childrenandit)

    Poor you, that’s pants. Hoping that things progress in the right way and that you get some sleep x

  6. Aww, that stinks! Hope all is well, and good luck with your stay!!

  7. Fingers crossed you have a settled evening, I remember ringing my OH from the bathroom at 09.01 asking where he was as visiting started at 09.00!

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