Hosting A Disney Party Play Date

I definitely think that planning a children’s party is definitely something that makes me very anxious. I worry about all the things I might forget or that something will go drastically wrong. The Disney Store recently got in contact with me to let me know about their Disney Party section on the website and they asked if I’d like to host a party. Initially I was terrified. We have a tiny house and we had no upcoming birthdays, so instead we decided to host a Disney party play date at our house.

I created a video of our process when planning our play date party so that you can really get a feel of the whole website. I had been so amazed by it if I’m honest. On the “Create Party” dashboard there is literally everything you could ever imagine to help plan a party. You initially pick a theme from so many of the well loved Disney characters. From there you can create invitations that can be sent through an email or printed off. You can create a guest list which has the ability to send reminders and you can mark whether or not they are attending too.

There is a whole range of party supplies to get your party organised and they relate to your theme too. We picked Finding Dory as our theme as we have exhausted the Princesses. Although I think I’ll be picking Minnie Mouse in September when we plan a party for P3. When you buy party supplies through the Disney Store you become eligible to receive a free phone call from Minnie and Mickey Mouse during the party. This is sent through the confirmation email of your order.

I got the girls involved with the party planning. They were allowed to invite one friend each and then we browsed the Disney Store website for ideas and even recipes for cupcakes. We ordered our themed party supplies and the girls were really excited about this very grand play date we were organising. Unfortunately P3’s only friend she has in the whole world (anti social child) could not make it but the other two spent all morning of the party asking when their friends were arriving.

I decorated the kitchen with our Finding Dory supplies and when her friends arrived, they were all amazed and excited by the decorations. We’d even stuck stickers on the tiles. Hubby got to work cooking all the food, that’s his domain during play dates and I take care of entertaining the kids. 

We had five children in our tiny house and I was honestly expecting to be breaking up arguments or getting involved with the entertaining but it all went so smoothly. Having the double play date was so exciting for P1 and P2. I loved how they all included P3 in their games and all we could hear was laughing and giggling from everybody. We chose a select amount of food and it all went down really well.

We finished up the play date with a Finding Dory Memory game. The girls handed their friends their very own party bag complete with Finding Dory themed goodies inside. All bought from the Disney Store. The whole process of planning a party with the Disney Party section was so easy and completely stress free. Even the actual party went so smoothly I found myself actually sitting down for a few minutes.

We will definitely be using the Disney Store again, especially when we eventually have a bigger house and even a garden to entertain in. I urge you all to try it out for yourself, it’s honestly brilliant.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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  1. This looks like so much fun Jodie, the girls look like they had the best time. It is always lovely having playdates I love your chosen party theme for it too. xx

  2. Looks great fun! I think any kid would love a Disney party!!

  3. Wow this sounds fab and like they have thought of everything! Definitely makes party planning easier if you use services like this one! Hope your girls had fun x

  4. This looks great, you did a fab job!

  5. I love planning parties, so I will look into this – it sounds fab x

  6. This looks great fun! I love Disney’s new idea on their party ranges etc. I love Finding Dory. Looks like great quality bits too x

  7. This play-date party looks brilliant! Great job organising things together, I bet all that food was tasty!

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