Hosting My First Christmas On Boxing Day

When we moved homes, I was so excited that it was in plenty of time for Christmas. We could finally have a proper sized tree and actually host family. Sadly my MiL has already made plans for Christmas Day with her own in laws so it meant our Christmas was just for us. Instead we decided to host Boxing Day and do a proper Christmas Day then.

I felt totally inexperienced planning the menu for our Boxing Day. I never really cooked a three course meal before especially for ten people. We’d invited my Grandad and Hubby’s Nan as well as my MiL, her partner and my BiL for the celebrations.

My morning was stressful as I got ready for cooking, cleaning and setting up the table by myself as Hubby went back to Essex to pick up the grandparents. Once everyone arrived I had got myself in an organised state for hosting.

After unwrapping yet more presents, our girls had been totally spoilt this year, we sat down to have our starters. I’d cooked the children two chicken nuggets each and the adults had a buffet style prawns with a dip, crackers and a cheese selection board.

Next up was the main course. A proper turkey Christmas dinner. We’d cooked a turkey crown, a five bird roast both included stuffing, vegetables, Yorkshire puddings, pigs in blankets and gravy. I’d definitely overdone it with portion sizes and we had enough left overs for two days of dinners!!

Good old Lidl had pretty much sorted our entire food for Boxing Day, but they really did well with the selection of desserts. We’d bought a party platter of donuts, chocolate filled profiteroles and mini vanilla slices. I’d also warmed up some custard and mince pies and had ice cream to offer too.

We actually sat the kids on a special kids sized table in the hallway. We could see them but they were far away enough not to be overcrowding us with noise. It was quite a peaceful dining experience. I didn’t think it would be!

My MiL brought round a brilliant game for after food. The girls loved it, well maybe not so much P3 as you can see in my Boxing Day video. We had such a great day and it felt just like Christmas Day which was what I’d hoped for. Only one slight mishap happened with the oven blowing its fuse for a few minutes mid cooking. Everyone complimented me and I felt so proud for managing to host such a special day for everyone.

I may even host again next year…..

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  1. It looks so lovely – bless P3 getting upset at the game. And how typical with the oven!

    • I panicked. It was the first time hubby’s Nan had been over so it would have been so embarrassing if I couldn’t have cooked.

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