Currys HOTPOINT RSG964JW SMART+ Washing Machine Review

Our washing pile resembles a mountain. It’s always standing tall no matter what day of the week or whether you’ve just put three washes on in one day. I complain about it all the time, promising myself that I’ll keep up with it and make sure I do one load a day but in never works out that way. When I was asked to review a washing machine from Currys I couldn’t say no.


We welcomed the HOTPOINT RSG964J SMART+ Washing Machine into our household to help tackle the never ending pile of washing we seem to accumulate. In fact we now have two washing machines which probably seems crazy to some but it has really helped so far.

So the HOTPOINT RSG964J SMART+ Washing Machine has a 9kg capacity which is much larger than our current one. This means we can get more washing done at once reducing the time it takes to get through our pile. I’m no washing machine expert as you will see from my video below of my first impressions.

So let’s get into the technical side of things. The HOTPOINT RSG964J SMART+ Washing Machine can do up to 1600 spins per minute, holds 1-9kg, has an energy efficiency rating of A+++ and is fitted with a self cleaning pump and an auto-clean progamme for cleaning the internal parts. The self cleaning feature is definitely a fantastic addition as I wouldn’t have a clue how to clean a washing machine and would rely on my Hubby.

currys hotpoint

I have been astounded at the amount of features this washing machine has. It’s like a really high tech robot that’s come to sort all my washing needs in one. I love the display panel but the on/off switch has got to be a pretty useful button that our old washing machine doesn’t have. The on/off switch can also be used to cancel a wash cycle mid wash. The washing machine also has an automatic standby system which is enabled after 30 minutes of no activity. Perfect for energy saving.

The display panel also has buttons for different options to customise your wash further. The spin, temperature, delay start of up to 24 hours later, and also the key lock which can be used to deactivate the display panel which is really handy if your washing machine is accessible to little hands that love pushing buttons!

HOTPOINT RSG964J SMART+ Washing Machine also features the new Smart+ technology with direct injection. I had to research this after I made the video because I didn’t have a clue. It is basically a premix of water and detergent that creates a cleaning foam that is directly injected into the wash cycle. The detergent enzymes are activated faster this way and therefore gives a much deeper clean. You can switch this option on for heavily stained fabrics or even bedding.


This washing machine also has a Duvet setting which we have found extremely useful with our not-quite-dry-at-night toddler. The HOTPOINT RSG964J SMART+ Washing Machine fits a standard single duvet comfortably. There are 14 wash cycle options to pick from, the usual cottons, delicates etc but also a bed and bath setting, baby and there is also anti-stain power and turbo options too and an eco friendly wash. Something for everyone.

One thing I have noticed which I definitely love is just how quiet the machine is when it’s on. It is practically silent and when we first used the washing machine we actually had to sit and watch is for so long to figure out if it was on properly. It was and I think this feature would be perfect for someone who has the washing machine indoors. We really love it!

So has it helped my mountain of washing? 100% yes, although I struggle to keep up to date with folding now as it all gets finished so quickly that I end up with a huge pile of folding left rather than a huge pile of dirty clothes. Definitely check it out because I really think the Currys HOTPOINT RSG964J Washing Machine is brilliant for a family.

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Value For Money

A Life Saver

Brilliant washing machine that tackles every families clothing needs. We have been astounded at how quiet it is.

User Rating: 4.43 ( 2 votes)

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  1. E have a Hotpoint washing machine and really love it.

  2. wow I am jealous – I’d love a new washing machine! This sounds fab

  3. This looks great. I would love a washing machine with a stop/start function and one that I can open the door on as there always seem to be an odd sock that escapes the pile! Xx

  4. This looks like such a fab washing machine. I like the idea of the duvet setting but also the direct injecting sounds like such a good idea.

  5. A big drum is essential when you have a family! The washing in our house is constant… our machine is always on, so a bigger drum would make such a difference being able to fit more in! x

  6. I love the look of this washer. The duvet setting sounds great and ive never seen a washer with this before. Would it fit a king size in? It looks like a big drum too which is handy with lots of kids!

  7. You know there was a time pre-children when i would get excited about shoes and handbags…these days it’s all about household appliances! This washing machine looks great and i love the fact it can switch itself in to power-save mode after 30minutes xxx

  8. I never knew washing machines could have a duvet setting!! Mine is so old it barely has any of those special features. So modern! x

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