“How Did A Baby Buy That?”

I remember being quite excited and nervous about meeting my baby brother for the first time. I’d stayed round my grandparents whilst my mum and stepdad were up the hospital. When I got picked up by my ex-stepdad we went to a little florist to pick up, I think, a balloon and a rabbit soft toy for my little brother. My gift to him. When we arrived I didn’t expect to feel so much love for him. I was only 8 after all! My mum still teases me for the first thing I ever said: “Oh I love him”

I got a gift from him that day too. A Furby. The original ones. I remember being over the moon by this – slightly confused that a baby could buy a present – but over the moon.

P2 has bought her Big Sister a present. We had discussed this the whole pregnancy but couldn’t quite decide what to get her. A buggy board – boring for a 4 year old. Or maybe an iPad mini as that’s what we had planned to get her for her birthday but never did – bit expensive. I kept pushing at my OH to make a decision so I could get it all sorted but you know what men are like. His answer was “Argos is only down the end of the road. When she arrives I’ll go get her something”. This only meant that P1 wouldn’t get to physically open a present because let’s face it – my OH would definitely not even think about wrapping paper!

So I had a quick buy on eBay. P1 has a present to open when she comes to visit P2. Yay!

Do you remember getting a present from your sibling? Or what have you got planned for your kids to give/receive?

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  1. I’m the baby of my family. We had planned to get something for DS to give to his big sister when he was born but didn’t get the time to as he was 4 weeks early. Guess I won’t be doing it this time either for DD2 to give to her older siblings though I wish we could. Wouldn’t be very fair to though when we didn’t the first time.

    PS lucky you! I still have 51 days to go!

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