“How do you wean from a dummy at a young age?!”

I’m a mum that has never had a baby that hasn’t had a dummy. I didn’t choose to use them, it just happened!

P1s dummy journey started when we took her home from hospital. When her stomach problems began. She was never settled due to the constant sickness that the pyloric stenosis caused so I turned to the dummy to comfort and distract her.

First P1 dummy photo Feb 2009:20131208-110830 pm.jpgLast P1 dummy photo Oct 2010:20131208-110838 pm.jpgP1 was nearly 2years old when we quit the dummy journey. I remembering going cold turkey and explaining to her that she was a big girl now and didn’t need it. I know you are all probably thinking how can a 22month old understand that but due to all her slow physical developments P1s speech and communication has been very advanced. We never had a problem ditching the dummies.

P2 has had a slightly different journey. She was breastfed so whenever she needed comfort, out came my boob which worked fine. Then at just over 4weeks old she got a bad cold so we decided to try a dummy – she hated it. Then at 3months she had a growth spurt which increased the frequency of her feeds. I felt like a cow! That’s when the dummy came in handy plus it soothed her teething gums!

First try of the dummy March 2013:20131208-112319 pm.jpgMay 2013:20131208-112328 pm.jpgLuckily, the dummy is more often than not used for naps or bedtime, car journeys and occasionally if she’s a little anxious about new situations. Despite this, I know that getting rid of P2s dummy will be a lot harder for everyone. It’s like a magically mute button sometimes and I know that P2 has it most of the night and needs it to settle. I also know that the dummy falling out or being out of reach is probably half the reason she still wakes three or four times from bedtime to wake time!

How do you wean from a dummy at a young age?!

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