How Does It End Up Like This?

Tuesday’s and Thursday’s used to be my relaxing days. When I was pregnant; they’d be my days to sleep and spud about in my Jammies. Watching countless episodes of CSI.

I could probably still do that, P2 is quite flexible and enjoys chatting to me in bed. Our snuggle times. But living with parents means I’ve got to keep on top of things – housework wise.

I wasn’t at the beginning of P2s life. I didn’t feel like I should, or had to. Our room became a mess, the lounge and conservatory was inundated with toys, P1s room was worse than a bomb going off. Of course my OH didn’t do any housework as he was still going off to work and then coming home and looking after P1 and me. I didn’t expect him to do any housework. I knew it would get done eventually.

Well, that eventually has been the past few days. I made a good start on our bedroom; clearing the cot, ironing, putting clean clothes away, throwing rubbish out, rearranging our boxes/furniture. It’s nowhere near finished to how I’d like it to be… But that’s for another day!

I’ve completely tidied the lounge yesterday. I kid you not, I sat down for about an hour the whole day. That’s just how messy it was. There was two bin bags full of teddies behind the sofa, thanks P1, I had to sort between stay in bedroom or go in the loft. I felt mean for the loft teddies! I put toys in the conservatory as that’s where her toy box is. I hoovered and put rubbish in the bin. Literally the only toys left in there is P1s kitchen and P2s playmats, oh and the bouncer comes in every now and then.
20130501-083155 AM.jpg

20130501-083202 AM.jpg
All the lounge tidying has given me plenty of mess to tidy in the conservatory and P1s bedroom. I made a good start on the conservatory in all honesty, but that’s going to be left for Thursday as my major plan is to chuck the majority of toys way and just keep the really good ones. Again, I feel mean doing that but it’s the best I can do for the situation we have. Not a lot of space!

It’s definitely times like this that I wish we had our own house!!

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  1. It seems no matter how much time I spend tidying the house is always a bomb site at the end of every day!! And don’t even get me started on the never ending laundry…!

  2. I completely sympathize. I feel like (almost 4 months later!!) I’ve only just started being on top of cleaning again. It feels so nice to have a clear space.

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