How I Manage Bath & Bedtime With 3 Children

If you’ve been a long term reader of my blog you’ll know that bath times have always been something I dread. At the moment we don’t actually have a bath, our rented property just has a shower which is perfect for me when I need to get dressed quickly but for a family with three young children, it’s hard.

I miss being able to dunk their hair under the water for a quick wash. To be able to watch them all play together. To be able to bath them every evening. For it to be fun and happy. But it’s not, it’s cold for them, they slip over, they scream blue murder when it’s hair wash time and it’s generally a stressful experience.

We shower them just once a week. This is purely because I dread the situation and any more than once is just too much but also as I don’t agree with bathing them every day. However, I’d love to do it three times a week in the future when we finally have a bath. I decided to document our Sunday bedtime with you a few weeks ago. I was so shocked as it all went super smooth with very little tears and has lead me to believe I should probably get the camera out every week.

Here’s our bed and bathtime routine for you:


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  1. Alexandra | I'm Every Mum

    Aww this is great. Thanks for sharing. I remember when we didn’t have a bath, it was a nightmare. We lived in that house through two pregnancies, oh it was awful. This is great help for people.

  2. Mother Under Measure

    Thankfully having only the one and that one loving the bath it’s never a time I dread, it’s ace you’ve managed to find a way though, well done you! x

  3. A big pat on the back to you Hun I couldn’t do it I struggle with one some nights she’s a handful as it is. Well done you though xxx

  4. Great post! I don’t know how I’d cope with 3 children, 1 is certainly enough at the moment haha! x

  5. Great post, and you are so organised, i’m always running around looking for the PJs! x

  6. Sounds too stressful for me! Haha. Well done for getting them all in their beds too, Abbie sleeps in with me still and she’s 3 1/2, its actually really lovely and it makes her happy so it makes us happy 😀 x

  7. I can barely settle my little one some days, so props to you for settling all three. your such a fab mum, you look like a complete natural. Great video.

  8. Great video and post. I think of this of how am I going to manage when I have three kids!

  9. Great video. You’re very good on camera so yes you should get it out more. Fab routine. I can barely settle the 2 of mine. I find it a right handful lol x

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