How Much Is Too Much?

My little family (OH & P1) have had to move back to my parents house. Our landlord wanted to move back into the house we rented so we were forced to either find somewhere else or move to my parents. We chose my parents as the thought of having to rent and have this situation happen again was just too horrible. So we are now saving for a deposit on a mortgage.

Anyway, since moving back P1 hasn’t been sleeping like she usually does. Bed at 7:30pm. Sleep by 8pm. Awake between 8-9am. Zero naps during the day.
Her routine has been more Bed at 7:30pm. Sleep by about 9/10pm. Awake by 7am. And having between 1-2hours nap during the day. I originally thought that it was the change in environment. But things haven’t got any better and we’ve been here nearly 2months now!

The NHS recommend that children aged 4years should be getting 11.5hours of sleep each night with no nap. I’ve tried cutting out her day nap but it doesn’t change her night time sleep pattern. She needs the nap during the day. When she doesn’t she’s a horror to have around! Very disobedient and very stroppy.

I honestly feel like I’m doing the right thing by letting her catch up on sleep during the day… But what happens when she starts school?!

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  1. Hi,

    I personally wouldn’t worry about it too much. With a new situation, like school, she will soon settle into a new routine again.

    My third youngest is four years old and has been napping in the afternoon (she was in school mornings only).

    Next week, she will be in school full time and I know there will be no time for naps but she will be kept busy all day and ready for an earlier bedtime like her brother and sister.

    We are all out of routine since Christmas! Going to get up early tomorrow and every day after, so we’re all set for back to school on Tuesday!



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