How To Cook Easy Fajitas with Bernard Matthews Turkey Breast Chunks

I’m really enjoying being a part of the Bernard Matthews Family Panel, I’m even featured alongside the other parent bloggers which is super exciting.

Our most recent challenge was to create a quick and simple family dish using Roast Breast Turkey Chunks and with everyone pretty poorly here it was fantastic to be able to rustle something up pretty quickly.


Armed with my gift card, we took a trip to get the ingredients for Turkey Fajitas!


220g Bernard Matthews Roast Turkey Chunks
4 Spring Onions
1 Yellow Pepper
1 Red Pepper
100g Cheese
3 tbsp Oil
4 Tortilla

The Method

  1. Slice the peppers and spring onions.
  2. Put 3 tbsp of oil into your frying pan or wok. Tip the onions and peppers into the pan. Stir to coat with oil. Cook until nearly soft or your own preference.
  3. Add the turkey chunks for about 5 minutes. Whilst the turkey is heating up cook the torillas according to packet, for example 30-40 seconds in a microwave or 10 mins in a preheated oven at 140c.
  4. Put about 1-2 tbsp salsa in the pan and stir peppers, onions and turkey together to get a light covering of flavour. You could also use a special fajita seasoning mix if you have time.
  5. Grate the cheese. You can now serve up your fajitas or allow your hungry eaters to make them on their own for added fun at dinner time.

You can see how I made ours here:

This was my first cooking video that I’ve ever made. I quite enjoyed doing it. I love joining in with certain projects on my blog that really push my comfort zones.

Turkey is such a great ingredient or meat alternative than the usual chicken. I’ve said it before that I always thought you could only buy turkey at Christmas time, a bit like Mince Pies, but it’s available all year round and so well priced. Since joining the Family Panel we have chosen to have turkey more often than chicken.


Fajitas are my hubby’s favourite meal and although he complained that my peppers were a little too crunchy, he was quite happy to be given this for lunch when he was feeling so poorly. P1 also loved the fajitas which is very unusual.




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  1. Oh yum! They look so good!

  2. Elizabeth Rebecca

    I love Turkey – we have escalope in the freezer for a quick dinner and I try to use turkey mince when making bolognaise too.

    Lizzie Dripping

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