How To Create Your Autumn Wardrobe On A Shoestring

Sorting your wardrobe ready for when the leaves fall doesn’t always have to be an expensive task. You just need to take note of the trends and then tailor what you need to fulfil them to your lifestyle – easy, right?

First, split your clothing into ‘needs’, i.e. workwear, nightlife, everyday outfits and work out which one is more dominant in your wardrobe already. If you are in the office 9-5, a lot of your wardrobe should be taken up by smart/casual pieces that can be mixed and matched.

Next, take a look at the trends you want to channel this Autumn. Are you more of a 70s bohemian girl or do you prefer the sophisticated faux fur fashion that graced the spring catwalks? Make your choice and prepare to own it, no backsies once you’ve purchased your new pieces.

Now that you know what your clothing is for and which trend you want to embrace, it’s time to take a look at what you already have. Let’s say you love the 70s vibes that are currently enjoying pride of place on the high street – this means you can take the following items you already own from your wardrobe and wear them repeatedly throughout the chillier months:

  • Anything suede (skirts, tops, jackets – get them out!)
  • Any fringed items
  • Kimonos
  • Sheepskin collar jackets
  • Patchwork denim
  • Fur stoles
  • Bangles

Whenever a new season rolls around it’s a good idea to check what you already have before you buy any key items to wear throughout the season. Pull these out of the wardrobe, plus the usual basic womens tops, your favourite jeans, plain coloured dresses and loungewear.

Autumn essentials for the 70s bohemian trend to buy include:

  • A denim A-line skirt
  • A tasselled bag or jacket
  • Plenty of jewellery, such as stacked bangles and rings

If you want to recreate your wardrobe per season it’s best to think of the activity like recreating a capsule wardrobe each time. You need to keep all the basics but top up with two or three on trend items that you are happy to wear regularly, to channel a certain look.

Caroline of style site Unfancy breaks down a wardrobe into 37 essential pieces, which include tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear and shoes. You can download a capsule wardrobe planner from her site if you want to give the concept a go – it’s a great way of curbing your monthly spending and you can swap certain items out per season.

A budget wardrobe also means finding alternatives to more expensive items by swapping certain brands with more affordable ones. If you shop regularly in Top Shop for example, you can usually find the same styles in New Look or Primark for a fraction of the price and since you’re only buying seasonal items it doesn’t matter if you don’t spend a fortune on them.

Whatever your funds this season, play by these rules and you should have a brand new wardrobe to take out for a spin!

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