How To Encourage Your Children To Get Into Gardening

Gardening is such a wonderful pastime – it’s great for your health, well being and most importantly, if you’re just a young seedling; social development.

As we know there has been a wealth of research on how children learn best through play and activity. Why not head out to the garden today and watch their enthusiasm for the great outdoors flourish as their knowledge grows like never before?

Below are four garden activities that your budding gardeners are bound to love:

Growing Sunflowers

Once the spring frost is out the way it’s safe to start planting your seeds. Kids love planting up the pots and watering their sunflower each day as they quickly see the results of their hard work.

Have a think about what sort of sunflower you want them to grow. There are many different varieties – some tall, others more dwarf like and bushy.

Keep in mind that most tall varieties are going to require a little support once they start shooting up, bamboo canes and a little string are perfect for the job so make sure you have these handy.

You will need:

A pack of sunflower seeds
Plastic pots
Multi-purpose compost
Bamboo canes
A small trowel  

Decorating a bird box

Garden birds, as we know, are key to keeping garden pests at bay, they’re also a great pollinator of plants and can even turn their hand to weed control! So if you want keep the birds chirpy in your garden, why not create an inviting design for your feathered friends with your little gardener?

You can purchase a structurally sound but quite plain looking bird box at most garden centres. These can look quite striking with a little added texture and colour. For example why not try gluing small pebbles to the outside of the box which could be painted too. Get really creative and think outside the box!

You will need:

A wooden bird box
Wood glue
Feathers/paint/pebbles and plenty of imagination

Planting a Vegetable Patch

There are many benefits to creating a vegetable patch with your child, a main one being that the two of you will grow delicious food for your dinner plate, while your child learns where the food actually comes from. They will discover that through watering and caring for the crop, it will transform seeds into a healthy meal. A perfect way to ensure your child eats their greens as well, because why wouldn’t they when they have grown it themselves?

 You will need:

Vegetable seeds: tomatoes, beans, carrots, etc.

Multi-purpose compost

 Giving them a section of garden 

What better way to get children interested in gardening than allowing them to have a section of the garden that is their own? Here they get to choose their own plants, such as bright and pretty Skyscraper lillies, perhaps which will dominate the section. Then they are in charge of planting them and watering them each day. As they watch them grow they can proudly show off the plants that they grew all by themselves. If your garden is your pride and joy and you would rather not allow them a whole section just yet, why not get a hanging basket for now? These are great for novice gardeners to practice skills they will require around the garden.

You will need:

A hanging basket*


Plug plants and/or seeds

Basin or bucket



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