How to Keep Kids Entertained This Summer

With longer days, and higher temperatures outside it’s about time your family start sketching first summer plans. The capital is an obvious choice if you want to inspire your kids and leave them with plenty of new memories. Although London might not be the cheapest, and given the tourist peak season, difficult to plan for, it goes without saying that it is worth the effort. Start from looking for a comfortable, but affordable accommodation somewhere in the centre, such as Amba Charing Cross to make the first step, and the rest will follow! If you need more advice, we made a quick cheat least that will help you prepare.

Visit interactive museums – Let’s be honest, not all museums are fun. Especially, for a hyperactive eight years old, that although eager to explore the world, will only do it as long as it involves empirical experience, not some tiring trips from an exhibition to an exhibition. But parents fear not. London is one of the very few European capitals that is famous for educational museums that know how to encourage kids to understand the world around them. At the Science Museum, they can experience science at first – hand by learning about sending spacecraft to other planets, discovering the story behind the steam powers, or flying with the acclaimed Red Arrows aerobatic teams in motion ride simulators! The list of similar institutions is endless, so have a look and decide what you can explore this time!

Take them for a little shopping –   Kids hate shopping. But what’s there to like? They have to accompany their parents who spend hours in crowded shops, jam-packed with boring, practical stuff like clothes or home accessories. But they might change that tune once you introduce them to some of the iconic Toys Shops, where they stock what kids love the most – board games, electronic gadgets, Lego sets and plush toys. Luckily there are plenty of such shops around London that can spark their interest and give life to many new school legends. So, while on a visit in the capital, don’t forget to take them to places like The Disney or Lego Store that will amaze them with both grandiosity and variety of stock.

Let off some steam in the park –  if you are worried that your kids are spending too much time in front of screens, be it laptops, tablets, or TV, you are not alone. So why not to use the opportunity and show them some great benefits of being outdoors? Hardly anything can beat the capital’s great greens (especially with the balmy, summer weather), so once in the town, it might be good to take them to the places where they can let off steam. Diana Memorial Playground in the Kensington Gardens is a great choice if your kids still love to play, but in case they are slightly older, you can always arrange a nice family picnic in the Regent’s Park, with sports facilities such as netball courts and football pitches available to rent. 

Take them to a West End Show –  the memory of your first Wend End Show stays with you for a long time, if not forever. The all dancing, all singing shows make the otherwise unrealistic, magical stories feel real and plausible (at least for a couple of hours) and very often inspire a genuine, lifelong love of theatre. While in London, you will have a chance to introduce your kids to the story of the would-be king Leo -Simba in the stage adaptation of Walt Disney’s Lion King featuring the music of Elton John, or the untold story of the Witches of Oz. But it is also your chance to be remembered for planning such a fun evening!

Get some fun in the sun –  Among standard ways to explore London, there are also plenty of non-standard approaches to how the great family time in London should look like. One of them could be inviting your family for a boat trip across the London serene ponds that can be found in the Alexandra and Crystal Palace parks. The lakes have a fleet of swan, dragon or ordinary – looking pedaling boats, however, in case your water-sports skills are more advanced, there are always classic rowing boats awaiting!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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