How To Make An Angel Outfit From A Pillowcase

When I googled how to make P2s nativity costume I was surprised to actually be stuck for finding any tutorials. It was probably the places I was looking or I’m just a blind bat, but I took Pinterest photos for inspiration and made it up as I went along. I am actually so pleased with the result, she’s an Angel for her first nativity this week and the outfit we made was actually so simple yet looks so beautiful!

Things You’ll Need:

  • 1x Standard White Pillowcase
  • 1x Reel of White Thread
  • 1x Long Piece of Silver/Gold/both Tinsel
  • Needle
  • A Little Bit of Sellotape
  • Scissors
  • Shop bought wings (I’m not that good!)


  1. Get your toddler/child to lay on top of the pillowcase lengthways as central as possible. With a pencil put a few markers by the sides of their shoulders and under arm.
  2. Fold pillowcase in half length ways and cut a semi circle from the top to the side where you have put your markers. These will be arm holes.   
  3. Keeping it folded, cut a small semi circle in the folded corner (when opened this should be the middle). Cut it small to start with, keep trying it on over your child’s head. You don’t want it too big but it must comfortably go over your child’s head as it probably won’t be you getting them ready.  
  4. Take about an inch, or more depending on how tall your child is, from the bottom of the pillowcase. You don’t want them tripping.   
  5. If the sides are fraying – fold the edges of the neck, arms and bottom and do a simple stitch to hem them.
  6. Take your tinsel and start from one side. Leave about an inch from the bottom and stitch thread gently, looping over your tinsel. I did one stitch every inch or so just to secure the tinsel in place. Go all around the bottom edge. Cut off any extra. 
  7. Using the left over tinsel, wrap around your child’s head. Tie it twice very carefully. Then put a bit of sellotape around the tied part.


This was my first attempt at making a nativity costume all by myself. I am so incredibly proud and it only took a few hours to complete, the day before she needed it! I would normally go and buy an outfit because I’ve never had the effort (P1s cow onesie for her Nativity) but I’m so pleased that I’ve made this one. She looks gorgeous!!

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  1. I LOVE that you did a proper homemade costume rather than rushing out to Tesco!! I bet she looked fabulous.

  2. This is a great idea and very simple to do. With the shops running out of things and the school not giving much notice this would be great!

  3. I absolutely love this! So simple and easy but so effective! She looks amazing xx

  4. I LOVE this, so simple and effective and she looks super cute!!

  5. The angel outfit looks amazing! Well done, P1 looks gorgeous in it! I’d never be able to make something like this myself! x

  6. Oh how fab – aren’t you clever! She looks great bless her. Pickle is a King – any suggestions 😉 …… Kaz x

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      I have only recently got into sewing. It can be quite therapeutic when you get some quiet time alone. A yellow pillow case? with a cardboard crown maybe?!

  7. Wow that’s brilliant, she looks amazing! I had a bit of a panic that I might have to make a star outfit for Libby, if I’d had to do it this would have been my saving grace!x

  8. This is such a simple but effective idea! I love it and she looks so adorable.

  9. How clever. We used to get a lot of fancy dress made from bin liners when I was little!!

  10. Aww she really does look gorgeous. This is creative I wouldn’t have had a clue. I worry because my son has a christmas nativity next year and I will have no idea what to do. I hope I will be able to make one like you did as it’s that sense of achievement and pride for yourself that is such great feeling. Thanks for sharing.

  11. This is gorgeous such a cute little angel outfit!
    She looks so adorable in it and its such a fab idea making it from a pillowcase!

  12. Oh this is so clever! And if you really didn’t want to stitch you could wonder web it! The tinsel halo brought my school years flooding back to me!

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      Good idea actually with the wonder thingy. I’m hoping I will be able to reuse this for P3 at some point… If she’s an angel…

  13. I saw the picture of this on Instagram. Your little girl looks great! It’s so lovely that you made it yourself too. I will definitely be saving this for when Rosalie is older xxx

  14. She looks brilliant. So simple yet it looks really good. You should be really proud!!!:)

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