How To Make The Most Out Of The School Run

The school run in the morning can be a tough time for everyone involved. It’s early, hectic and there is a high possibility something is going to be forgotten at home – whether it’s a piece of homework, a PE kit or a packed lunch. All of these stresses aside, these mornings can be valuable time you get to spend with your children. Thankfully, there are some things you can do to make this time of day more enjoyable for both you and your kids.

Get Active

Getting the kids to school in a morning can be a excellent excuse to get them active. Depending on the distance from your home to their school, you and the kids could get walking, cycling or even scootering to start the day. You can buy electric scooter for kids and these can make the school run much more enjoyable than being stuck in rush hour traffic. Anything you can do to get the kids up and about is a positive. This could potentially encourage healthier habits in later life, too as the kids may not automatically turn to a car to get them places.

Breakfast Treats

Don’t worry, this isn’t suggesting you should make a full English breakfast every single day. That would get far too stressful, far too quickly. However, once in a while you could make a special occasion out of breakfast. This could be particularly effective if it’s back to school after a long break. There could be Waffle Wednesday or Fry Up Friday. It gives the kids something to look forward to in a morning and get them eager to get out of bed. Plus, if you encourage eating around the table as a family, this has health benefits. Make it a treat rather than routine.

Music Mornings

You and your family could create a playlist together to help you all get in an upbeat mood for the day. It can be a big mixture of all of your favourite songs. Yes, the parents get a say in this, too! Whether you listen to these songs in the kitchen as you eat breakfast, or on the school run itself is up to you. Playing music, particularly those kinds of songs you can’t help but smile at, is bound to improve your morning. Plus it’s a fun task which can bring the family closer together.

What things do you like to do to make the school run more fun?

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