How To Plan An Autumn Family Day Out

Autumn is a fantastic season to get out and about with the kids. In fact, this season is growing on me this year much more than any other year.

There are lots of fun things to do as a family like the lead up to Halloween where there are lots of places running activities, being able to watch the leaves change colour and fall, fireworks season and of course the lead up to Christmas!

I thought I’d compile a blog post with my tips for the perfect autumn family day out. So that you don’t need to hibernate this autumn instead get out and have lots of fun.

Where to go

There are lots of different places you could go in your local area. I love the idea of venturing further for your family days out so you can explore the world no matter what the season is. I’ve listed below some of my ideas for a great family day out:


I can nearly guarantee that there will be some sort of firework show going on near your home. Personally we like to attend them rather than do our own as it’s much safer and regulated. The atmosphere is usually fantastic too. Just make sure you pack warm clothing and if you have younger children some ear defenders are a great way to prevent any tears and protect little ear drums.

Autumn Walk

Going for a walk is really therapeutic even with children in tow. They get to let off some extra energy and can really explore nature. Everybody is guilty of spending too much time on technology and this gets everybody out together bonding. You might even want to take your bikes for an extra bonding experience. Creating a little autumn spotters checklist would keep little minds attentive to the walk, adding things like “can you find a worm” or “can you spot a red leaf”.

Halloween Attraction

Lots of normal tourist attractions put on Halloween themed activities. If you keep an eye out early in advance this can help you book up activities or find new things to do this autumn.

National Trust

Always a favourite for us especially if you have a family dog too. Once you’re a member you can visit as many times as you like. Most have beautiful stately homes to explore and teach your children new things. There’s lots going on at various National Trust sites this autumn.


When the weather is terrible swimming is always a firm favourite. From experience we’ve found that going swimming as soon as it opens for families or the last few hours in the day, is the best time to go. It’s much quieter. Swimming let’s your children have so much fun whilst also learning or improving on a life saving skill. Lots of swimming pools have slides these days or you could even travel a little bit further to find new pools.

Theme Park

This one may not be for everyone, although lots of theme parks are suitable for even the smallest of your family. The adrenaline will warm you up. We’ve always found our best days happen on a theme park adventure. Over autumn and winter they do usually run selected hours but the upside of this, is that the theme parks are usually decorated for either Halloween or Christmas. Very magical!

Pick Your Own

A pick your own farm is a brilliant day out. It may require spending a little bit of money but it’s great fun. It may interest your children into fruits and vegetables too. We recently went to a local pumpkin patch for the first time which had little activities for the children too. The fruits and vegetables change with the season and it’s always a good thing to support local farmers.

Search For Discounts

If you’ve picked the destination for your autumn family day out and it requires an entrance fee, then it is always a good idea to do a search online for any discounts. The smallest of savings is always a big deal when it comes to taking the whole family for a day out.


Clothing is most definitely the key to a good family day out in the autumn. Cold or wet children are the worst to be around. I’d recommend picking clothing that can be layered. Things like short sleeves with a long sleeve jumper or cardigan. If you are visiting places with indoor and outdoor areas layering makes it easy to control a nice body temperature. If you’re outside for long periods then having gloves and hats is a good idea. Invest in some wellies or waterproof clothing for everybody, the adults included.


“I’m hungry” is largely repeated on any day out. Buying food at tourist attractions can break the bank so I’d definitely recommend taking as much as you can possibly carry. If you are on an autumn walk, snacks are important. Even if you think you’ll only be out a few hours. Food fuels fun. Supermarkets do some great snacking options or you could make a picnic style hamper for your trip.


Wherever you have chosen to visit or spend your Autumn day out, I’d recommend taking some loose change or cash out. When children are involved it is best to be prepared for every eventuality. Things like arcades, the gift shop, a café or even to use the toilet in some train stations.

Prepare For Your Day Out

If it’s a big adventure or just a trip to a local town, it’s nice to know exactly what your plans are. Whether you are eating from a picnic or finding a restaurant, what the weather is supposed to be like that day or how you are travelling. I am a person who loves to be prepared and know what is going on.

Just like me I know from experience that sometimes surprises do not go down well with children. If you want to have a brilliant autumn family day out then it is best to prepare your children in advance. Explain where and what you are going to do. What kind of behaviour you expect too. That way you are all in the know and can enjoy a great day out.

Pack Bags

Even if you are going for a short walk, I would suggest taking a small bag of essentials with you. Things like wet wipes for muddy hands (or shoes), snacks, a drink, a small notebook with pen for any drawings or nature trail style adventures, possibly a change of clothes especially if you have young children and of course the loose change I’ve spoken about.

I hope you have enjoyed reading through this post all about having a smooth family day out this autumn. I would love to hear from you about your top tips for a family day out. Hopefully my tips and suggestions will allow you to go on and have an awesome autumn season with your family.

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