“Hubby does all of his tasks without moaning”

I’ve struggled with motivation for a long time and if you’re a regular reader you’ll know that. I’m someone who would much rather be lazying on the sofa in my pjs than running around a supermarket.

I rely so much on my hubby. He takes care of the bills, the clothes washing, the school run, the food shop and the hoovering. He even does the majority of the cooking! Hubby does all of his tasks without moaning and with effort. My part in keeping the house running is organising and caring for the children, tidying up after everyone, the washing up and the clothes folding.

All of my tasks are quite easily performed in the house and wearing my pjs but I have never done them with enthusiasm. I get stressed out easily. I take days to even think about folding the washing hubby did that day. Doing activities with the kids always felt like such a drama so I’d avoid where possible.  Since the Valentines Half Term I have found some motivation. The girls have been getting up earlier so I’ve been forced out of bed by about 6:45-7am. Most mornings I shove some leggings on and a top and head downstairs. The next hour to hour and half are the happiest times of the day in regards to P3 being quite happy to play and P1 gets breakfast for P2 and herself. I’m able to have enough time to wash up the dishes from yesterday and setimes even do a 5-8min workout! I’m able to tidy up and sweep downstairs then drink my juice plus all before the school run.

I find the rest of my day lacks motivation still. I am still sitting down far too much, although less than before, and the clothes washing is still taking days to fold. I have started to do more focused activities with P2 though and I’m cooking from scratch more often than not. We go out more as a family and as of yesterday, I attend two play groups in a week!

I’m also trying to do a bit of meal planning which I proving difficult. 

How do you keep your house organised?

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  1. Ah you’re lucky he doesn’t grumble! I do all those things and grumble a lot! 😉

  2. My motivation is shocking. I tend to try and split my day into 60-90 minute segments, so I plan in doing stuff and ‘not doing stuff’, and then I know I can relax guilt-free as I’m keeping to my own plan 🙂

  3. Elizabeth Rebecca

    I feel exactly the same regarding motivation.

    Lizzie Dripping

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