Hubby’s 30th Birthday

As a pair, Hubby and I are notorious for being pretty lame at celebrating birthdays. For us, it always feels like any other day of the week and nothing too special.

Today, it’s Hubby’s 30th birthday. It’s a big milestone that I wanted to make special for him to remember forever. I wanted to put in the effort that our birthdays always lack and make him feel special.

Turning 30 years of age was something we joked about for many years. It’s a weird age that people say makes you feel like a true adult. I think Hubby is beyond that seeing as he’s a Dad to three and a husband before turning the big three zero but being thirty feels very grown-up and old.

The current pandemic of coronavirus has meant that Hubby’s birthday is being celebrated in lockdown. We couldn’t arrange for a bouncy castle in the garden like we wanted, we couldn’t go to my mother-in-laws for dinner and special homemade coleslaw that he was excited for. Everything has changed.

Instead, Hubby was woken up by his girls singing “happy birthday” as they were far too excited to celebrate his birthday with him and hand him his presents.

When it comes to presents, he is really hard to buy for! If he ever needs something, he’ll just go and buy it himself. He even did this for a few of my present ideas and then I was stuck. I found looking online for gift ideas for Dad’s quite useful.  In the end, I got him a selection box of Reese’s chocolate, a T-shirt and a cleaning mat that he’s been after. Very simple things that the girls could give him.

I had also organised for Hubby’s family to send over videos of them singing happy birthday so I could create one big video. It was really cute and hopefully something they’ll all cherish forever. I asked them to recall their favourite memories too and I wrote them down on paper for Hubby to read. He loved that and it was a bit more personal for him.

His Mum managed to drop his presents outside our home which included a surprise pass the parcel for us to take part in over FaceTime. It wouldn’t be a birthday or a celebration without a pass the parcel from my mother-in-law, it was also a really great activity to pass some time for the girls.

We finished Hubby’s birthday with his favourite chicken fajitas meal followed by a swiss roll cake with candles.

It definitely wasn’t the 30th birthday we had planned for him, but I hope we can celebrate properly when everything returns to whatever a new normal will be.

One last thing to say is a huge Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband and doting Daddy to my girls!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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