Huggies – Why?!

About a month ago I received an email from Huggies about their stopping of nappies. I was a bit disappointed as I used to use Huggies Nappies for P1 and planned to do the same this time round. However, in this climate nothing is surprising anymore when it comes to businesses shutting down.

Today I received an email saying they were now stopping my weekly bump updates… Now in all honesty, I only occasionally read them so they won’t be missed.

But it leads me to think… why?! why are they even bothering to keep producing the other things when everything else seems to be going rapidly downhill. So downhill they can’t even send out some simple emails?!

I definitely think a lot of people will lose respect for Huggies as a brand. I certainly am! Maybe that’s really silly. It can’t be helped obviously and there’s nothing I can do to help them. I’m just one very tiny weeny fish in a very very big ocean!!!!

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  1. I found they leaked a lot!

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