“Hungry Horse restaurants are blooming fantastic!”

I’ve been to three Hungry Horse restaurants in my life time (as far as I know) and I can honestly say that they are blooming fantastic restaurants. We’ve always had fantastic staff, a huge range on the menu for all ages and the food has always been scrumptious but what makes it even better is the value for money!!

We visited a Hungry Horse during our little family holiday to Longleat CenterParcs (Post will follow soon) and again I was bowled over. Today, hubby and I decided to go to our “local” one for breakfast. I say local but it’s about a 15-20minute drive, let’s just say the thought of a gigantic fry up was too tempting to worry about the mileage.

When we arrived at Robin Hood in Royal Tunbridge Well’s, the car park was deserted. We assumed that considering the breakfast menu online clearly stated it finished at 12 that the restaurant would definitely be open by 10:50am (the time we arrived). Hubby went to take a look inside but it was all locked up. When he tried another entrance a lady caught his attention by opening a window from inside.

The lady had told him that they didn’t open until 11am and wouldn’t be serving food for a while so to go and try the town for food. We were shocked by her attitude and the way we were just turned away. All over the Hungry Horse website it clearly states they serve breakfast until 12 so why didn’t this one?!

I think with a rumbling tummy and after travelling 20minutes to just be turned away it make me feel rather fuming. We managed to have quite a blooming brilliant breakfast at a cafe just round the corner from us that we’ll most likely return to again. It’s such a shame really because I love Hungry Horse and our local was a right let down!! I hope they don’t treat all their customers like that there.Please sponsor my Bliss Charity 5k Buggy Push in June 2014 here

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