“I actually went to a baby weigh in clinic”

I’ve started to venture out of the house a little more the past week. I’ve been for a few little walks with P2 in the sling. In fact she’s pretty much lived in her sling recently. But today I actually went to a baby weigh in clinic.

Ok, ok, just a baby weigh in clinic. To me it’s a big thing. I never went to any clinics with P1 because I was scared to get judged and scared of the burning eyes. Things have been different with P2. Probably because my hubby gives me a little more confidence. He has the “who cares about anyone else” attitude.

I met some really lovely ladies there and I really hope to see them again. I also gathered some information on the church that the clinic was in. It seems like such a friendly one so I’m thinking of going to one of the services. I’m a little excited!
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  1. Alexandra Mercer (Broody Me)

    It’s great that you’re feeling more confident. #TheOrdinaryMoments

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