“I can wear whatever clothes I like and that feels fantastic!”

As I’m sitting here now at 6pm, I haven’t breastfed or expressed for over 31 hours and I’d like to add that my boobies are also finding this fine. Now despite the fact P2 is still sharing a bed occasionally most the night, last night she slept perfectly from 12:30 – 7am!

I’m not feeling as emotional anymore about giving up breastfeeding. I feel calm and proud. I can wear whatever clothes I like and that feels fantastic! The old me is starting to creep through, well actually I’m feeling a lot more fashionable that before. I’m really glad that I made nearly 7months of breastfeeding, even if only 6 of those were exclusive. It’s a huge achievement considering some mums really struggle.

On top of this great feeling my OH and I took our girls to the local park yesterday afternoon. We walked there as the weather was quite lovely really considering we’d had floods.Then today we’ve been visiting my MiL which is always lovely.

It’s been a great few days of family time…
20130829-061147 PM.jpg

20130829-061156 PM.jpg

20130829-061205 PM.jpg

20130829-061216 PM.jpg

20130829-061227 PM.jpg

20130829-061235 PM.jpgOh and guess who has teeth!! Yup, P2! Two little spikey munchers finally poking through her gums. I managed to get a photo of them, although it’s very blurry and she was adamant on eating my iPhone at the time. I hope you can see them.
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