I Can’t Cope With This

I feel like I haven’t seen much of P1 this week. It does upset me because I feel like a failure as a parent but at the same time I’ve really needed the break to relax and take it easy. All the help this week has come from my Grandparents – nursery runs, the normal babysitting days AND they even had her today.

I’m dreading bed time tonight. For myself surprisingly. My skin has been so irritable today. I’ve just wanted to peel it all off, run away and cry! Nobody seems to understand the pain it’s causing me. It isn’t just an itch! It has a constant tickle, which I then scratch, which then means I cannot stop scratching, which then causes my skin to break, bleed and leaves it burning. But it doesn’t end there, because the tickling and the itching and the scratching happens all over again.
I’ve tried all sorts of creams and techniques to help but nothing is curing this. Some ways have helped to relieve the itching for about an hour but them booooooom it’s back.

The longest relief I’ve had so far is from cornflour – yup… I’m covered in cornflour. But as soon as my body soaks it in and heats up again the whole process happens again.

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