“I can’t remember half the things I’ve wanted to post about”

I’ve drained my data allowance on my phone, and our home has no Internet set up just yet. I’m getting withdrawals of blogging and to be honest, I can’t remember half the things I’ve wanted to post about. So I thought I’d just give you a quick update in photos!

I’ll be back very soon!

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20130915-033738 PM.jpg

20130915-033749 PM.jpg

20130915-033823 PM.jpg

20130915-033841 PM.jpg

20130915-033850 PM.jpg

20130915-033902 PM.jpg

20130915-033915 PM.jpg

20130915-033932 PM.jpg

20130915-033942 PM.jpg

20130915-033958 PM.jpg

20130915-034005 PM.jpg

20130915-034012 PM.jpg

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