I Did It

I’ve been nervous about expressing for a while – trying to decide when the right time would be to do it.

I found the courage to express last night. It was prompted by a conversation with my OH a few days ago. We were discussing anniversary presents. I’ve sorted his present but it’s been quite tricky for my OH as finding something suitable for a breastfeeding mother must be really difficult. However, I realised it wouldn’t have been difficult if we had a supply of milk that I could handily give my parents to give us a few hours to escape.

So I dusted off the Tommee Tippee manual breast pump and got pumping. I managed to express 90ml of milk in 20minutes – not bad for my first attempt. I used the boob that doesn’t always feel as full. I do wish I’d purchased the electric pump though.

I love the storage bags I’m using. Compact pre-sterilised freezer storage – perfect!!!

Today, my boobies are very confused. Very full and quite painful. From what I’ve read about expressing you are meant to do it 8-10 times a day but I don’t have the time to do it that much so planned to just do it in the evenings before bed. I really hope I don’t confuse my boobs by doing it this way.

I don’t plan to give P2 my expressed milk regularly but I definitely like the idea that I’ll soon have the option to have some child-free moments with my OH if I can bare to be apart from my newborn.

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