I Didn’t Invite You Aunt Flow?!

Aunt Flow decided to pay a visit. I’m not overly impressed at her unwelcome visits. This is the second visit I’ve had since P2s birth (not counting the 6 weeks I bled continuously).

Don’t get me wrong a visit from AF means that I’m not pregnant and have working ovaries and womb – fantastic. However, I’m breastfeeding, exclusively so why the heck does she feel the need to visit me!!

I just don’t find the monthlies a very positive thing at all… I know some women do and that’s it’s an amazing magical thing, but I just find it so expensive, inconvenient and painful!

When researching, most medical websites say you shouldn’t get a period if you are feeding on demand and exclusively until you stop breastfeeding altogether. But then you go to other blogs and forums and I find out I’m not that rare, in fact it seems pretty normal to get a visit from AF whilst breastfeeding.

I really hoped I was going to skip my period but I’m just not the normal person when it comes to hormones. I’m allergic to hormone contraception. The combination pill gives me hemiplegic migraines. The implant caused me to bleed continuously for the 4 months I put up with it. So why did I even think I’d get away with no visit from AF!?

Well I haven’t. I’m one step closer to being my old self again… Just another 9 months or more of breastfeeding to go before I can wear normal bras and not worry about whether my top is accessible. But thinking about the time I stop nursing makes me sad…
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