“I don’t really know what careers there are in writing”

I want to learn something. I don’t know what. I’m interested in becoming a nail technician so that I can do it in my spare time. I’m also very interested in law, but gave up on the open university course that I started last year whilst pregnant.

I’m the type of person that craves things but never finishes things. I hate that! I managed my GCSEs and did really well. But I didn’t go to college like all my school friends, I went to work when P1 was old enough. Now I have no real career. I want one!

I was thinking of studying something to do with childcare. I know a lot about children, but I don’t think I’d cope looking after anymore than my two!! I wish I could because that’s quite a rewarding job to have.

There was a time that I wanted to be a nurse, but not any old nurse that has to wipe up after old people. I’d like to be a paediatrician, or a neonatal nurse. Now that would be rewarding, but also very emotional too. To get there… I’d have to train on old people, young people and I just don’t have that sort of patience.

I’m good at writing. I don’t really know what careers there are in writing. I’m not keen on being a journalist because I’m not very good at confrontation and speaking face to face to people. What other writing jobs are there??

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  1. I think its admirable that you want a career as its hard with children but you are fantastic at writing x

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