“I don’t think it’s been the easiest of three weeks that we’ve ever had”

It’s crazy to think that we now have a three week old! P3 is 21 days old today. I can’t quite make my mind up as to whether it feels like it’s gone quickly or slowly but it does feel like she’s always been here even if we are still adjusting to life with three children. I don’t think it’s been the easiest of three weeks that we’ve ever had.

P3 is so different to the other two. Right from the start she’s caused drama. She was born in a different county to her sisters and the whole experience at the hospital was far better. She gave us great worry at the start with the placenta abruption and her breathing difficulties. For the first week she slept a lot. She’s been very snuffly and has had slight jaundice. But the one thing that has been completely different is the amount she cries.

P3 is very unsettled when she’s awake. She seems to cry a lot. Like a ridiculous amount. We’ve got a bit of illness doing its rounds in our house so we’re hoping it’s just that which is causing her so much stress. The past two days it feels like the only noise in this house is of P3 screaming. Nothing we do will comfort her until she just decides she’s had enough. I’m doing everything they suggest – she’s fed on demand, she’s held pretty much the whole day, her bottom is changed frequently and she’s not too hot or cold.

This weekend has been very tiring. P1 is suffering from a sore throat, headache and a cough so she’s spent most of the weekend resting in bed or on the sofa. P2 hasn’t had anyone to play with because I’ve been occupied by a screaming P3 and her play buddy is unwell. Hubby has tried his best to entertain her but he’s just not the same!

Hubby went out Sunday morning to grab a “cold pack” which consisted of a baby nasal aspirator, baby nasal spray and adult nasal spray, nurofen and Olbas oil. It seems to have helped P3s snuffling and she was a lot happier after using it yesterday but today she’s back to being a very emotional wreck. P1 is dosed up on calpol and nurofen and is off school today to rest.

So far we’re coping. That’ll be until one of us catches something and then we’ll be totally outnumbered.


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  1. Oh no….I hope you all feel better soon!! Hugs x

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