“I don’t think we’ve ever had all three poorly at once”

I’m feeling positively festive this last remaining week before Christmas. There’s already been loads of family things going on since the school holidays started Friday.

Saturday was a boring day spent at home but Sunday was the annual big family get together on hubby’s side. With all the issues I’ve had with my own family, this event that my MiL hosts each year has been my absolute favourite of the year. Every time I’m with hubby’s family I feel part of something. I feel loved. I always have right from the beginning.

The day didn’t disappoint with delicious food, pass the parcel, a round of pie face game, Christmas music and lots of laughter. It was a fantastic day. But it wasn’t perfect, the girls are poorly. All three of them. Sunday morning they all woke with a cough and snotty noses. So the entire day P3 was an emotional wreck although it explained her mood the previous two days.

Today they are all worse. I don’t think we’ve ever had all three poorly at once. It is usually passed round in a circle between us all and then if we’re lucky that’s that. But it has hit the girls like a tonne of bricks, especially P1 who is rarely ill.

We had prewarned my Grandad today and headed back to Essex for a little get together with him. My Auntie is staying with him at the moment so it was really lovely to spend some proper time with her for the first time in such a long time. My mum popped by to give the girls their presents too.

Again, P3 was an emotional roller coaster, P1 was very sensitive to very small situations and P2 has been hacking like a dog. I’m really upset to see them all feeling like this so close to Christmas. The Christmas I’d hoped was going to be our best yet. We have plans for most of the week and I’m just hoping that after a good night sleep tonight things will improve. I want them to be as excited for Christmas Day as I am!

Have you ever been ill for Christmas?

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  1. Aww! Bless them! I hope they all feel better soon! Being poorly this close to Christmas is just rotten x

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