I Feel Like Super Mum

At 8:45am P2 hadn’t demanded her “breakfast” feed and we needed to leave by 9am. So I poked and prodded – changed her bum and clothes. It didn’t go down too well with her as you can see from the photo.

I made a “To Do List” last night of all the things I need to do. I made a good dent in that list this morning. I’ll probably start to regret how active I’ve been today but I currently feel so much happier now I’ve been out and about on my own and coped.

Today I got up and dressed (with the help of my mum dressing P1 and keeping an ear out on P2), I drove my car for the first time in what feels like forever to take P1 to nursery, I dropped my brother off to have his hair cut, P2 and I went into Boots to get nappies and claim my next Bounty Pack

We then went into Barclays so I could add phone insurance to my account which half way through P2 decided it was time for a feed. Luckily I kept her occupied for the duration as I somehow didn’t think it was quite appropriate to discuss phone insurance with a bloke whilst I whip my boob out under my feeding shawl. I then did, however, sit in the middle of Barclays feeding P2. She definitely seems to be choosing her moments for feeds… Awkward public moments.

Our next stop was the doctors. All four of us are now registered at our local doctors after 3months of living in the area. Oooops

I then went to get information on registering P2s birth. It’s all so complicated when you aren’t married. We have an appointment for this Saturday to make our girl official.

I then went to my Grandparents for lunch – yummy sardines on toast. I always enjoy being round there so it was lovely to just chill. P2 seemed to test my nappy changing skills and gave me 4 dirty nappies in the time we were there. Cheeky!

I’m now safely back home with my two girls snoring their heads off. Finally some peace. I still have plenty to get done on my list but I’ve decided it can wait until tomorrow. I’ve just got to cook our dinner in a little while then hopefully I can put my feet up and rest with the telly tonight.

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