“I felt a cold sensation, looked down and realised I had blood pouring out of my puncture wound”

My past two trips to the midwife have been stressful. The previous one was during the school holidays but it was particularly memorable because the girls were really playing up.

It was hot. It was stuffy. I had both the girls sitting in the waiting room and P2 was overdue a nap. Hubby was waiting in the car as the parking charges are extortionate. Typically of course my midwife was running late. It seemed like she was running very late but it was probably only 15 minutes or so. She’d popped out to give me a wee pot and apologised. P1 could clearly feel my tension and used it against me, ignoring anything I asked her to do which was mainly sit still and to stop being so noisy. By the time I got in there my blood was boiling. The midwife could tell that I was stressed out by the sweat droplets on my forehead. Surprisingly my blood pressure was low, like normal. 90/50.

Today was much the same. Although I’d come prepared this time. I had my wee sample in my hands free shoulder bag, I was wearing shorts, I booked the appointment so that I could keep P2 up a little later so that she’d be so exhausted she’d fall asleep on the journey and stay in the car with hubby. All was going well as before we left P2 had started to get very emotional and clearly tired.

We arrived at the midwife clinic with one very awake 19 month old. Damn! I waddled in with her, sat down and waited. There was another pregnant lady sat there too who was waiting to see the midwife. 10 minutes later, no sign of any life from the door that housed my midwife. 15 minutes, out came a heavily pregnant lady and in went the lady sat next to me. It was already ten minutes past my booked time and I know how long I spend seeing the midwife.

P2 began to get upset, stroppy, clumsy and hot!! That place is so darn hot despite my lack of clothing this time. I could feel myself beginning to sweat and my blood beginning to boil. Nearly 40 minutes from arriving, it was my turn. Luckily, the appointment room is much cooler so I could calm down and there’s toys in there to keep poor tired P2 amused for just a little bit longer.

We did the usual chit chat. Blood pressure – low again?! And then she felt baby and listened to her heart beat. Then my midwife wanted to do a blood test. The first and last time she took my blood I ended up being punctured in both arms. I have the best veins for blood tests believe it or not so it was a little annoying. This time was so much worse. The taking of blood went smoothly but afterwards I felt a cold sensation, looked down and realised I had blood pouring out of my puncture wound. Ok, maybe not pouring but I really don’t like blood especially when it’s oozing out of my own body like that. Mess cleared up and off I went.


I’ve been really nervous this time round. I have lots of worries. Lots of “what ifs” and questions that are probably more acceptable for a first time mum to ask, not one who’s pregnant for the third time. I’m really looking forward to the moment I go into labour, whether it’s from my waters breaking or just by contractions but I’m absolutely terrified of it too. Not the pain, I know I can do that, but the things that follow. Becoming a mother to three. Three girls! Bleeding. Breastfeeding. Recovering. Sleepless nights (even more so with two that can’t sleep) and just the general parenting worries.

My midwife said to me that P3 is well and truly in my pelvis now. Head down. Her back is currently on my right hand side although two weeks ago it was to the left. She reckons I’ll have another week left. Obviously I know this isn’t an accurate guess but it would make sense. I’ve had increased discharge, so much pressure, a ridiculous need to wee all the time and just general discomfort!


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  1. I am leaving for my 34 week midwife appointment in 10 minutes – wish I waited until later to read this!!

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