“I guess change really does effect children in many ways”

I’m experiencing some parenting troubles since the move. I guess change really does effect children in many ways.

To start, P1 has really changed in her attitude and behaviour, not really for the better especially at bedtime. She’s doing the things she knows she isn’t allowed like turning the main light on. Although I’ve had excellent reports from her class teacher which smooths my feathers a little bit.

P2 isn’t sleeping properly. She was for the first night, she slept from 9:30-3am solidly. But last night was awful, she woke pretty much every hour from when I put her to bed at 7. She spent some time in our bed but that didn’t help either. My OH and I were exhausted come morning.

All of these little niggles with the girls are probably only small issues but I feel like they are the size of mountains because I’m struggling with my own emotions.

Why didn’t anyone prepare me for this? Death and emotions of death. I just want to snuggle under the duvet for a very long time and just cry!20130911-073701 PM.jpg

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  1. You’re dealing with so much at the moment, it’s no wonder you’re feeling like crawling under the duvet and staying there for a very long time. Stay strong, take a deep breath, things will get easier/better in time xx

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