“I hate Autumn!”

The weather seems to get blamed for quite a few things. This time I’m blaming it for my lack of mojo to blog. It also seems I’m not alone in my missing inspiration as a few other bloggers have recently declared a dry patch, ironically seeing as the weather certainly isn’t dry!

We are only a few weeks into Autumn and for a few weeks I’ve been feeling quite down, tired and seriously struggling to put pen to paper… Well fingers to keyboard. I hate Autumn. I’m not overly keen on winter either unless it snows. The unpredictable, cold and wet weather is just completely mood sucking.

Normally, the darker mornings mean a little bit of a lay in for us as the girls have always been told to go back to bed if it’s still dark outside so that’s how they gage when it’s OK to get out of bed. But P3 hasn’t received that memo yet and instead of the usual 7:30 wake up, it’s been more like 5:45-6am! When it’s still dark. That should definitely never be allowed. I go to bed when it’s dark and wake up when it’s dark. It just feels wrong.

The early mornings are definitely taking its toll on everyone. From 3/4pm ish the girls are monsters. In fact all day at the moment P2 is emotional, demanding and rude. I do blame it on the start of nursery and testing boundaries but I mainly blame the weather for this change as she’s not really getting her usual amount of sleep.

Apart from my own complete exhaustion lately, the blogging situation is really getting to me. I write several posts about life in general then delete them because I just can’t get the juices flowing to make the post a worthwhile one to publish. Quite a lot has been happening over here but I just can’t find the words. I need to. I need to focus. I’m really hoping our little weekend away will help the words pour a bit better and originally I wasn’t going to take our laptop, but I think I will.

Have you ever found yourself hitting a brick wall in personal or work situations? Do you blame the weather?

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  1. I think all bloggers have experienced a rough spell at some point. Once you’ve been blogging long enough it’s only natural to feel burn-out or struggle for inspiration / motivation for a while. I get these at least every few months. For me, the best thing I find is to just take a little break and come back to it when I feel fresh and have something that I genuinely want to write about. Try not to worry or put pressure on yourself. Enjoy some time offline, have a rest and have lots of fun on your weekend away. xx

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      Oh thank you so much for your kinds words. I have been panicking quite a bit as I don’t want to lose any readers if I go missing.

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