“I have come to the conclusion that both my daughters are very bossy”

This evening I was listening in on P1, P2 and their Uncle playing. They’d all decided to play upstairs so I was inevitably forced upstairs to keep a watchful ear and eye on them. I have come to the conclusion that both my daughters are very bossy.

P1 has always been strong minded. When she first met hubby’s brother we had to keep reminding her that she was younger and that she shouldn’t be telling him what to do all the time as it was very friendly. She’s cleverly adapted this by using words like “let’s pretend that this…” Or “if you do this…” Over “put that there” for example. But still the games I listen in on are very much controlled by her and her own little imagination.

Then there’s P2. Who has her daddy wrapped quite firmly around her little finger. She’s on a whole league of her own. Demanding this and that, when she doesn’t get it she causes havoc which of course means we tend to give in quite quickly or let her have what she wants immediately to save face. It’s wrong. She’s stubborn too, she doesn’t give in.

This is where P1 and P2 tend to clash. One will tell the other to do something, and the other will get frustrated when the answer is no. I think it’s a girl thing. I wonder sometimes how my BiL can put up with it and enjoy their company. The poor boy! I think he’s learning to ignore which is exactly what my hubby does. It’s crazy how young we all learn our place.

I’m not sure I can remember being completely like this, however I’m sure others would disagree.

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  1. As I read this I feel I could have written this myself I have 2 very bossy little girls ones 5 and the others 4 and I find they will clash as they are so alike, we have our 3Rd daughter due in July and it will be interesting to see if she’s like her older sisters haha xxx

  2. Sounds like fun! Jessica is very bossy as well – it will be interesting to see how things change once Sophie becomes more verbal!

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