“I look healthier and more awake than I did a year ago”

Somebody told me today that I look healthier and more awake than I did a year ago after posting this photo on my Instagram this morning.

Little did that person know that I’m hiding a badger stripe at my roots, bags under my eyes and a pretty fed up mood. It was a comment that certainly picked me up though. I am getting more sleep than P2 allowed a year ago and I have been eating healthier and exercising more regularly.

I forgot to measure my inch loss progress with Juice Plus last week but I think I’ve done it for a reason. I’m not feeling much motivation by taking the photos as its a gradual loss rather than a sudden wow you look awesome kind of progress. But last week I was exercising more than ever before, with cardio and abs being my main focus.

Over the weekend we were P1 & P2 free so indulged in naughty foods and I didn’t do any exercise. I’m certainly feeling it so far this week. I feel down and unmotivated. With family situations kicking off again I’ve had a few oat and raisin cookies today, so I’m feeling even more guilty than before. 

However, I have done cardio and abs workouts today plus seeing my legs in the window reflection at Tesco was a huge confidence boost. I felt sexy! I was wearing my jeggings and heels like always and I can really finally see my legs slimming down to how I’m dreaming they’ll be.

Here’s to hoping tomorrow is a fresh and happier day!

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  1. To be honest I couldn’t really tell much from that picture, apart from wow that baby hasn’t grown in a year!! Hope the family situation eases so the waist line doesn’t get affected… keep up your great work on your sexy legs!! I can only dream of feeling “sexy”

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      It’s a different baby 🙂 P2 last year at just over a year old, and then P3 now at 5months. Thank you for the motivational comment!

  2. Awww I love looking a photos of baby slepping just so sweet and I think you look more awake in the photo two , x

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