I Made It – Finally

It’s been absolutely ages since I’ve been to church. Well, 18 weeks and before that it would about a year! I’m a dreadful Christian.

It’s not like I don’t believe, I do, I pray every night with P1 and on my own. It’s purely because on a Sunday we are usually so busy visiting my MiL or spending time as a family.

Today, I made it to church. Everyone’s changed and I barely know anyone now. My parents are introducing me to people they clearly have strong relationships with, and I don’t even know who they are!!
20130630-123946 PM.jpg

20130630-123958 PM.jpg
I love being in church. There’s something so calming about it. I felt tears well up in my eyes during some of the songs. P2 soon fell asleep during worship and P1 as usual enjoyed her time in the children’s creche they run.

I really hope I can find time to attend more regularly, although I don’t want to miss going to see my MiL because I love spending time there too!

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