I Never Imagined

Blogging has become a huge part of my life. Before I started Life With Pink Princesses I had a blog over at blogspot, over there I only posted a couple of times a week. But here, I clearly post more, this is because I love the feedback I get and the ease of connecting with other bloggers.

I had my first invite to meet and discuss a product the other day, which I’m very excited about but even more nervous about it! After just four months of running, my blog has finally started to progress in a way I never thought it would. In all honesty, my blog was purely to write my thoughts, feelings and experiences – document my life, an online diary.

Now, since the invite, it’s got me really thinking about where I want my blog to be in say a years time. I’d love to start earning some money from it, I know it’s possible, but I also know that this is a very far away goal for my little blog.

I’d love to be sent products from companies and review them on my site. My OH has a Youtube channel and he was sent a rather expensive camera to use and review, but he’s only been given that offer because he has a lot of subscribers there and even more views per video! He’s done so well from what originally was just him doing something he loves and sharing it to the world. I wouldn’t even dream of getting offered something so expensive, a simple baby toothbrush would do me fine!

From blogging I’ve already been able to publish my own eBook and am starting the next book in the series. (See below for a link to purchase; it’s available in all ((most)) countries for kindle, iPhone, android etc)

I hope that I can gradually progress my blog to be something even more amazing. Something I can sit back and be proud of. Something my daughters are proud of too.

Here’s to what the future has in store for my Blog and my life!

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