“I saw a bond there for the first time, that unbreakable sisters bond”

Today, hubby decided to treat the girls to a trip out. Originally it was planned that we’d head to the Riverhill Himalayan Gardens to visit the Yeti. P1 was very excited and although her behaviour has been atrocious lately, I was quite looking forward to the day out. I’d packed a picnic too! A last minute check of the website showed that the gardens were shut so a quick rearrange of venue and we headed to a soft play instead.

20140629-100624 pm-79584686.jpg

For the first time ever they both played amazingly together. P1 was the best big sister I could wish for and P2 followed her admiringly everywhere. The happiness on both their faces was just heart whelming. I saw a bond there for the first time, that unbreakable sisters bond.

20140629-101355 pm-80035192.jpg

At one point two little girls asked P1 her age, then asked if they could play with her and her little sister to which she replied “I’m 5 and you can’t play with me because I’m playing with my baby sister and she’s only mine”. It was utterly adorable! If a little selfish but hey ho.

Both the girls were wonderful whilst we were out. But once again, bedtime was ruined by P1!

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  1. Ideas4Dads (and Mums Too!)

    Its a special moment when two siblings realise that they can enjoy playing with each other rather knocking lumps out of each other 🙂

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