“I then explained how we’d be putting magic cream and plasters on her arms and hands”

So we are fast approaching P1s growth hormone test… So fast it’s actually tomorrow! I hadn’t mentioned the whole thing to her properly, just a couple of “we’ll be going to hospital soon” a week or so ago, but today I’ve had to explain everything to her so that tomorrow isn’t so scary and unknown.

We started by taking her shopping for her special packed lunch she has to have after the test has finished. I explained that she cannot eat anything for breakfast and most likely won’t be able to eat until lunch time. I said that she may feel quite sick but not to worry as I will be there and so will Great-Grandad. P1 seemed very confused about not being able to eat and concerned about feeling sick.

I then explained how we’d be putting magic cream and plasters on her arms and hands… P1 said “just like when I had my head done” (her MRI) This was familiar to her so she was quite ok with it. Then I went on to explain that she’d have a needle and tube put in (my explanation of a cannula?!) which P1 asked about how big it was and if it would hurt. I said that she’s small so it most likely will be small too and that it might hurt but hopefully the magic cream will help.

Then I told her about the injection she’d have in her leg. I had to explain that this bit will hurt which has worried her a little. I like to be honest, I just couldn’t tell her everything was going to be ok when I know it isn’t going to be pain free. I’m just hoping she’ll be good and let the nurses/doctor do it without kicking and screaming, although they’re probably used to it really.

I explained she’d have a few blood tests which won’t hurt as they’ll be coming from the cannula and then eventually she’ll be able to have her special packed lunch. I think this is the bit I’m most worried about. It says in the leaflet I’ve been given that in some occasions they’re blood sugar will drop drastically that she’ll need medical attention and that they also want to make sure she can keep food down after fasting for so long.

I know P1 will be fantastic, she always is and seems quite a natural with hospital visits. She’s been busy this afternoon packing her rucksack full of bits to do whilst at hospital. We’re going to be there from 8:30am to about 2pm if things go smoothly. I’m going to have to repack as P1 struggled to carry it down the stairs!!!

I just hope we’ll get some answers that we hope for… Although I’m not quite sure what I’m hoping for?!

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  1. Sounds scary for an adult let alone a child :-/

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