“I think the duty I hate the most is having to be nurse”

Parenting is a mixture of every job under the sun. It’s about being a chef, a taxi, a teacher, an actor, a body guard, a cleaner, a friend and an enemy. But I think the duty I hate the most is having to be nurse.

It feels like we are currently in a never ending cycle of illness. Those germs just will not go away and it’s really taking its toll on everybody in different ways.

It started with P2 who has recently started nursery and was bound to pick up some bugs along the way. She’s had a cough for weeks but about two weeks ago it got much worse with a high temperature and runny nose. The doctor said nothing was wrong so we carried on with a battle of administering calpol and disturbed nights.

She got over it within a week but the darling child passed it to her baby sister. She had a temperature, was lethargic and off her food and even had the cough. Calpol was administered and we had some very long and tiring days.

Today and last night was the first time P3 was remotely normal. She slept from 7-9:30 stirring for milk, then 9:30-5:18 and 5:18-7. An amazing improvement. Today she’s been happy, toddling around and playing. Oh and eating continuously. It’s so nice to see her back to her usual easy going self.

P2 woke earlier than the other two this morning and was acting very odd. As the days progress the cough returned and her temperature soared. Again. My poor daughter has had it rough today and there’s absolutely nothing I can do but ride it out with her. Hold her as she is sick from coughing so much. Tell her everything will be ok.

I’ve just put her to bed. It’s 10pm. 3 hours past bedtime and all I can hear is coughing. I’m terrified for her. I don’t want to close my eyes yet. I know I have a pretty rocky night ahead of me but I just can’t settle knowing she’s in another room. I want my happy toddler back. I don’t want her ill anymore.

I don’t like playing nurse, playing nurse means my babies are poorly. 

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  1. Adventures of a Novice Mum

    I know what you mean; hopefully all has been well since. It must be so awful for children when they have cold. #commentluv

  2. Oh no! I hope everyone feels better soon….This time of the year is horrible for picking up coughs and colds x

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      She’s perked up today. Still coughing but much better. Hopefully she’ll hold out for trick or treating!

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