“I treated them to a naughty sugar treat”

Parents that are riddled with illness or pregnancy (hubby with the illness, me with the pregnancy) make pretty boring parents. That’s what it has felt like last weekend and most of this week anyway. Hubby has caught the cold that P2 and I had last week only whenever hubby catches a cold it seems to morph into a chest infection and leaves him coughing and spluttering whilst the rest of us are fine and dandy. Well it’s not been all fine and dandy really because I’m absolutely exhausted from this pregnancy now, heavy and uncomfortable.

Last weekend we did nothing. Literally spent both days in our pjs. Hubby spent most of it in bed trying to rest and I was stuck to the sofa. Clearly this made both girls restless, naughty and attention seeking. Unfortunately, the weekend of rest didn’t seem to do hubby much good so he took a trip to the doctors where he’s been prescribed some antibiotics. I’m desperate for him to be feeling better as soon as possible due to the fact he has sole role of being my birthing partner!!

After two nights of pretty drastically broken sleep thanks to P2 mainly, we were up early for P1 to have her scheduled medical assessment. In my attempt to win some parenting brownie points back from the girls I treated them to a naughty sugar treat from Gregg’s before the appointment. Both girls behaved amazingly throughout the assessment so I felt no guilt at all.


I had an amazing Tuesday afternoon. P2 went out for the afternoon with my MiL and after the school run I’d sent hubby to bed leaving it to be just P1 and me. I know that we push P1 aside a lot with P2 being a demanding toddler, so to get a few hours of time with just her was really needed. We made a Victoria Sponge cake together and then whilst chatting away she worked through some more pages of her Gold Stars book. It was peaceful and relaxing. To be honest it was just what I needed to put my guilt of being pregnant and unable at the moment to the side.


Hubby is still poorly and it hasn’t helped that P2 is not sleeping very well again. I keep getting niggles of pain but baby is well tucked up for now.

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